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WAD2SQL - Windows Azure Diagnostics to SQL

What it Does

WAD2SQL is a Windows Service that will copy Azure Diagnostics (WAD) data from table storage to a SQL server. Diagnostics data currently supported are:
  • Windows Event Logs
  • Windows Performance Counters
  • Application Trace Data

NOTE: In order to use WAD2SQL, WAD must be enabled within your Azure application


The largest reason for the application is to allow for a known access mechanism to data, to expand:
  • Existing reporting infrastructures (EG - SQL Reporting Services) does not easily support using Azure Tables as a data source.
  • Azure Tables have limited index options making it hard to query.

What is the Status on the Project?

I wrote this application to address a need for my day job. I am passively working on the project and thinking of the next features to implement, including
  • Improve indexes based on defined use cases
  • Caluclate hourly aggregations for performance
  • Provide SQL Reporting Services Reports
  • Pull Service Metadata (to allow for better reporting)
  • Pull IIS log information
  • More-better support using an Azure hosted SQL database
  • Improve the installation process
  • Allow for data retention pruning

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